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5 Reasons Why I Blog (and why I think you should too!)

May 8, 2017

About this time last year, I opened up about getting a little (or maybe a lot!) confused about the future of this blog. It was while writing that post though that I was reminded of the simple but important questions — what, why, and for whom do I blog. Between then and now, I had a number of attempts at brainstorming sessions to write down (and implement) a plan for this tiny space in the interwebs. And finally, last weekend, I made time to step back from all projects and everything else going on in my life and just concentrate on what I really want to do with this blog. I conducted a blog checkup and tune-up, so to speak.

Brainstorming sessions for meant also figuring out what I want my life to be in the future. After all, I am Lovette Jam, the person, and the future of this blog depends on how I shape my future.


Why exactly do I blog?

The more I thought about this blog, the more I realized how it’s been fundamental in helping me shape and achieve my career goals. You see, I’m an online freelancer, and my blogs have always been part of my portfolio when I apply for jobs or projects that I like. I figured I should maximize this space to achieve more by writing more and (hopefully) inspiring and helping others as well. This means I have to establish the blog’s purpose and dig into why I blog.

I blog because I want:

1. To learn

I have been blogging for quite a while now — a little over a decade, to be honest. I didn’t know anything about WordPress, SEO, Google analytics, social media marketing and all that stuff back then. I still don’t know everything about blogging, but through study, experience, advice from my peers, and trial and error, I’ve learned enough to actually earn using these skills.


2. To connect

iligan bloggers society, inc

It was through blogging that I have been able to connect with like-minded individuals. When we started Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., I became friends with bloggers from our city and eventually from all over the country. It’s always fun be a part of a community helping each other and growing together.


3. To share a message

I started as a personal blogger. My page used to be filled with cringe-worthy ramblings of a typical teenager’s mood swings and nonsensical thoughts.

My life has changed since then, and my message has changed too. I have learned a lot in this journey and I blog in hopes it reaches someone who may need it at some point.


4. To build a name and potentially earn additional income

blogging | reasons why i blog - lovettejam

What started out as a hobby turned out to be a means to build my portfolio and thus my income stream. I organized my writing and design samples to send to potential clients.  Not only did it become a way to earn additional income through employment and sponsored posts, my blog has landed me some speaking engagements and travel opportunities as well.

Moving forward, I want to continue blogging to help me reach my other career goals, such as write for a magazine and eventually author my own book.


5. To keep me accountable

Speaking of goals, writing about my short- and long-term plans help keep me accountable. Sharing about my successes and failures, things I learned, and stories and even random thoughts could be the shove that I need to keep going for gold. They say writing vision and goals makes them more real; posting them online is pretty much bringing the challenge up a notch. And I need that kind of push and have that kind of accountability to get my career (and business!) moving.


This leads me to the ultimate purpose of this blog post. Let me boldly put it out there at this point that I welcome an accountability buddy. If you are also in the process of taking blogging to the next level and/or building your digital career, please feel free to contact me and let’s help each other grow.




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