Influencer Marketing for Hotel and Restaurant Businesses

influencer marketing hotel and restaurant | lovettejam

We were recently invited to speak before some members of the local business group of entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, IHARRA (Iligan Hotel and Restaurants and Resorts Association). After their general assembly, three members of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. had a short presentation on different social media topics.

I wanted to discuss about influencer marketing, a term that has been wiggling its way through the interwebs in recent years.

Here’s a copy of the presentation:

The presentation above is focused on the what, why, and how of influencer marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand and adapt to the way potential customers now research and become aware of hotels and restaurants.
  2. Pick the right influencers.
    • Engagement
    • High-quality relevant content
    • Presence on the right social networks
    • The right location (especially important for restaurants)
  3. Work with relevant, previously vetted influencers who will promote your venue in an authentic manner.
  4. Get them involved with a project or campaign.
  5. Actively target new markets, using influencers from those regions, with emotive content to win the hearts of consumers before they even plan to make a trip.
  6. Start yesterday.

How to Improve Your Personal Brand and Online Resume

, - improve your personal brand

You’ve probably heard this a million times: Personal branding is crucial to the success of a job search. If you are looking for online work, you have to have a strong online presence.

So how do you go about creating a personal branding resume?

Stronger Personal Brand as Online Resume

1. Have an online presence.

If you want to work online, it makes sense to have an online presence. It means you should be present enough on the web that employers can easily find your LinkedIn profile, content you have created, your Twitter account, or your personal web page just by typing your name into Google.

Ideally, when you google your name, the first page should be filled with relevant results about you. Your Google results should reflect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build offline.

google your name - personal brand

Tip #1: Sign out of your Google account (or use incognito) when you google your name. As Google employs personalized and local searches, signing out  will give you neutral results that better represent your overall online reputation.


2. Use your real name.

Using your real name across all your social media accounts makes it easier to build a stronger personal brand online. It is a good idea to use the name your potential employers or clients will actually use when they Google your name. Use the name on your resume or business card.

Lovette Jam Jacosalem

Not:  Ettevol Maj Melasocaj

Not:  70v3tt3 j4m

Not:  Princess Jam

Tip #2:  Have a personal website and register your own domain name.


3. Use a professional looking profile picture, especially on LinkedIn.

Whether in real or in virtual life, it is important to make a professional first impression. You would want to have a profile photo that reflects your confidence and credibility. Use a recent solo photo, wearing an appropriate attire.

Once you’ve gone to the time and trouble to create a professional looking photo, it pays to use it across all your online accounts.

Tip #3: If you can, hire a photographer or visit a studio for your professional headshot.

4. Be active in social media.

To cement your online brand, you need to be active in social media. BUT make sure your accounts showcase your skills and experience. Be mindful of what content you share with the public.

 Tip #4: Identify the essential social media networks that best connects you to your ideal employers/clients. For example, creatives may best use Instagram and Flickr.

5.  Be creative!

Branding allows for you to show the unique value you bring to the table and allows for the employers to get a real insightful look at who you are and what you are all about.

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Online Job

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5 questions to start before starting an online job / digital career

Digital nomad, location independent, remote worker, telecommuter — so many terms but they all mean essentially the same thing. They are people who utilize communication technology to pursue a lifestyle that allows them to earn a living wherever they want.  Here in the Philippines, we commonly use the terms ‘online job‘ or ‘work from home‘ to describe this work setup.

It may seem to be an attractive and inviting lifestyle, but it definitely isn’t all fun and freedom all the time. Working from home just isn’t for everyone.  If you are among those who are decided and committed to start working online, here are 5 essential questions you need to address first before you jump into a digital career:


1. Why do you want to work online?

Everything people do is rooted to a “why.” This is your motivation. This is where you go back to every time you feel demotivated or when you feel down. This is your drive. The online career is not always bright and sunny.  Oftentimes, our “why’s” keeps us going through the challenges and adversities.

Think about your purpose. Do you want the freedom to become a digital nomad so you can have an office from the beach like you see in most of the articles you read about this lifestyle? Let me tell you out straight: that isn’t always what really happens. Reality check: the sand destroys your laptop, and the heat and the view will be too much of a distraction to stay productive. If you work and travel, you might have to endure uncomfortably working in noisy airports, coffee shops, restaurants, hotel rooms, etc.

work anywhere, work while traveling

Unless it is your strongest and deepest passion to travel and see the world, you might need to revisit your personal “why.” To some, the motivation is to be able to spend more time with family and never miss a birthday, Christmas and New Year celebration. To others, it’s for comfort and avoiding commuting to work or simply just to escape from office politics.


2. What are your skills/strengths/passion?

If you want to start freelancing, you need to figure out what services you can offer. What are you good at? What software and tools are you able to master? What is it that you do that your potential clients would be willing to pay for? List down your skills. If possible, narrow it down so you can easily market yourself.

work online | girl working on keyboard

More importantly, build your portfolio. Show evidence of your skills and talents. If you are a designer, compile a list of sample designs you have created. Compile a list of websites, magazine layouts, business card, etc that you have worked on. If you are a writer, prepare some articles you have written in the past.

When I started digital freelancing, I used essays and school projects as work samples — articles, marketing plans, case analysis, reports, etc. I also volunteered to create and manage Facebook fan pages that I can include in my portfolio.


3. How much should you charge?

This is the exciting part! Let’s talk about money. What is your time really worth? That seemingly simple question is actually complicated. The goal is to set a rate that best represents the quality of your work but also competitive enough to help you secure as much work. The challenge is how to find that balance.

work online, home office

I often see freelancers who shortchange themselves. While it may be tempting to lower your rates in order to secure a job, you must remember that you do have cost of business you take care of. As a freelancer, you take care of your own equipment (laptop, computer, headphone, etc). You also pay for your own internet connection, software, electricity and other expenses. You also take care of your own taxes, health insurance, retirement fund, and other benefits your employer may have subsidized you in the past. Working online may have saved you money from transportation costs, office wear, and childcare for your kids, but you will have additional expenses to take care of.

Do your research. Find out how other freelancers price themselves. Have an honest assessment of your skills, work experience, and education/training. Calculate your total expenses as a freelancer. Take that into consideration when determining your hourly rate.


4. Am I ready to commit?

You are probably considering freelancing because you want (a) a flexible schedule, (b) more vacation time, and (c) more holidays to spend with family and friends. But online job is what it is — a job. You have to be disciplined to do what you are being paid to do.

Starting an online job isn’t easy and will take commitment to make it work. Before you dive in, decide for good if you are willing to give your online career the resources (time, energy, and maybe money) it needs to succeed.


5. Can you handle rejection?

This one is also important. Technology has made job applications easier and faster, but competition is tougher than ever. While there are more opportunities for success, there is also more chance of rejection. Don’t take rejection personally. Remember that there are a number of factors at play in hiring, including timing, circumstances, and budgets. Just because someone says no today doesn’t mean it’s a no in the future. Keep an open mind, don’t be disappointed if they say no or if they move forward with somebody else.



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5 Reasons Why I Blog (and why I think you should too!)


About this time last year, I opened up about getting a little (or maybe a lot!) confused about the future of this blog. It was while writing that post though that I was reminded of the simple but important questions — what, why, and for whom do I blog. Between then and now, I had a number of attempts at brainstorming sessions to write down (and implement) a plan for this tiny space in the interwebs. And finally, last weekend, I made time to step back from all projects and everything else going on in my life and just concentrate on what I really want to do with this blog. I conducted a blog checkup and tune-up, so to speak.

Brainstorming sessions for meant also figuring out what I want my life to be in the future. After all, I am Lovette Jam, the person, and the future of this blog depends on how I shape my future.


Why exactly do I blog?

The more I thought about this blog, the more I realized how it’s been fundamental in helping me shape and achieve my career goals. You see, I’m an online freelancer, and my blogs have always been part of my portfolio when I apply for jobs or projects that I like. I figured I should maximize this space to achieve more by writing more and (hopefully) inspiring and helping others as well. This means I have to establish the blog’s purpose and dig into why I blog.

I blog because I want:

1. To learn

I have been blogging for quite a while now — a little over a decade, to be honest. I didn’t know anything about WordPress, SEO, Google analytics, social media marketing and all that stuff back then. I still don’t know everything about blogging, but through study, experience, advice from my peers, and trial and error, I’ve learned enough to actually earn using these skills.


2. To connect

iligan bloggers society, inc

It was through blogging that I have been able to connect with like-minded individuals. When we started Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., I became friends with bloggers from our city and eventually from all over the country. It’s always fun be a part of a community helping each other and growing together.


3. To share a message

I started as a personal blogger. My page used to be filled with cringe-worthy ramblings of a typical teenager’s mood swings and nonsensical thoughts.

My life has changed since then, and my message has changed too. I have learned a lot in this journey and I blog in hopes it reaches someone who may need it at some point.


4. To build a name and potentially earn additional income

blogging | reasons why i blog - lovettejam

What started out as a hobby turned out to be a means to build my portfolio and thus my income stream. I organized my writing and design samples to send to potential clients.  Not only did it become a way to earn additional income through employment and sponsored posts, my blog has landed me some speaking engagements and travel opportunities as well.

Moving forward, I want to continue blogging to help me reach my other career goals, such as write for a magazine and eventually author my own book.


5. To keep me accountable

Speaking of goals, writing about my short- and long-term plans help keep me accountable. Sharing about my successes and failures, things I learned, and stories and even random thoughts could be the shove that I need to keep going for gold. They say writing vision and goals makes them more real; posting them online is pretty much bringing the challenge up a notch. And I need that kind of push and have that kind of accountability to get my career (and business!) moving.


This leads me to the ultimate purpose of this blog post. Let me boldly put it out there at this point that I welcome an accountability buddy. If you are also in the process of taking blogging to the next level and/or building your digital career, please feel free to contact me and let’s help each other grow.




Productive Staycation at Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City


One of the biggest advantages of freelance online jobs is the freedom to work from anywhere – as long as you have your laptop and a stable internet connection, of course. Sometimes, we need to step out of our home office to have a fresh environment and just hit that quick reset button. Just like what we did last weekend. We decided to have a staycation in Limketkai Luxe Hotel. We booked a room through the Traveloka app, packed our bags, and headed off for a quick getaway.

limketkai luxe hotel | staycation

I am working on a side project, so I could not not work during the planned holistay. A working staycation, it is then.

Personally, when looking for a hotel room to work in, I look for three things: (1) stable internet connection; (2) workspace and availability of electrical plugs/outlets; and (3) things to do while on break. Limketkai Luxe Hotel did tick all three requirements.


WiFi Internet Access

There is complimentary WiFi internet access in rooms and public spaces in the hotel. There are paid options as well at hourly and daily rates.

limketkai luxe hotel | staycation

Internet connection speeds and access rates.

I tried the free internet connection. The receptionist provided the username and password along with the keycard. The Speedtest result average around 3Mbps, considerably better than the 1Mbps (or lower) I expected.

Limketkai Luxe Hotel speedtest

Speedtest results from inside the room.

Note, however, that internet access is limited to three devices (perhaps based on the number of guests in the room?).



limketkai luxe hotel | staycation

Workspace in the room

We stayed in a deluxe room with two comfortable single beds and an equally comfortable extra bed. There’s a table in the room, perfect for working. A table lamp is provided as well. There are electrical outlets in the workspace area, so no worries about charging your laptops and other devices.

Of course, there’s also the option of working from the bed (while your roomies are sleeping. :p) There are a couple of power outlets under the bedside table too.

limketkai luxe hotel | staycation


Taking a Break

And because the point of having a vacation is to break the work-work-work cycle, it’s important that there are activities you can do in and around the hotel.

Should you decide to leave your room, there’s an in-room safe for your gadgets.


For your caffeine fix, you can have one right in the comfort of the hotel room. Luxe Hotel provides an electric kettle as well as coffee and tea. If you prefer to have yours in a coffee shop, however, there’s Figaro, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, and Starbucks within walking distance.

limketkai luxe hotel | staycation


If burning off calories is your way to unwind, there’s a swimming pool and a gym free for use for all guests. Both facilities are open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

limketkai luxe hotel | staycation

Gym in Limketkai Luxe Hotel


limketkai luxe hotel | staycation

Infinity swimming pool


If you enjoy shopping (or at least window shopping), you’re in luck. Limketkai Mall and Robinsons Mall is within the complex. There’s even a walkway that connects Luxe Hotel to these popular shopping destinations.

Food Trip

If you’re more into gastronomic adventures, there’s a free breakfast buffet from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

There are also a lot of restaurants surrounding the hotel. If you’re craving Japanese, there’s Ramen Tei. You can also try proudly local restaurants, Missy Bonbon and Kagay-anon.


Overall, I loved our staycation at Limketkai Luxe Hotel. It was relaxing, and I got some work done. Work-life balance over the weekend: achieved.

Anyhow, I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we booked this staycation via the Traveloka app. Here’s how I did it:


Traveloka is a free travel app for your Android and iOS devices. Click here to download the app.
After installing the app, register by entering your name, mobile number, and email address.
Tap on Hotels in the menu to start booking a room.
Search for a hotel by entering your destination, check-in date, duration of stay, and the number of guests and rooms; and then click Search.
The results page will look like this:
Then, tap on the hotel you are interested in to check the hotel details, including facilities, room rates, reviews, etc.
 After choosing an accommodation type, you need to fill in the required details.
Review the booking details, and then proceed with payment.

Click on Use Coupon if you have a discount code.

TIP: Make sure to take advantage of any promos. In the menu, click on Ongoing Promos and take note of the coupon code.

There are three convenient options to pay: via credit/debit card, over-the-counter (through, 7-eleven, Cebuana, M Lhuillier), or bank counters.
After successful processing of payments, a hotel voucher will be issued and sent via email.
Save a copy of the voucher, and show it to the receptionist during check-in. Don’t forget to bring your ID.
It’s quick, efficient, and convenient. And the prices are cheaper! It’s my first time to book via the Traveloka app, and I’m definitely loving it. Will try booking for a flight next time. 🙂

Rarejob Philippines expands with Envizion, to generate 250 jobs in Northern Mindanao


Envizion - Rarejob Philippines

With the goal to expand and to cater to the increasing demand of English services in Japan, RareJob expands in Cagayan de Oro today through Envizion Philippines. Present in the grand opening were founders of RareJob Japan, Tomohisa Kato, and Gaku Nakamura; one of RareJob’s directors, Takeshi Shimomata, and CEO of Envizion, Yasushi Nishijo. The opening was also attended by Gian Christiane Nava of the Corporate Planning Office of RareJob Philippines, President of the ICT Council, Stephanie Caragos; Jonathan Adolfo, Executive Director of CDO ICT Business Council, Timothy Andrew Salera and Eileen San Juan of the Investment and Promotions Center together with Maricel Casino-Rivera of the City Information Office.

RareJob’s current pools of home-based tutors are mostly from Luzon and Visayas. The expansion in Cagayan de Oro aims to extend opportunities to Mindanao and to provide a certain level of commitment to its existing and potential clients. Due to RareJob’s business model of having home-based tutors with flexible schedules, the company encountered challenges in delivering this desired commitment. To deliver this ideal, a new company which is Envizion Philippines, was conceptualized.

RareJob and Envizion shares the same vision of “Chances for everyone, everywhere”.
Staying true to RareJob’s vision, the company decided to open up chances to even more Filipinos by setting up Envizion in Cagayan de Oro.

Being the “Gateway to Northern Mindanao,” Envizion Philippines saw a promising pool of skilled individuals and developing reliable infrastructure for online transactions in Cagayan de Oro as a deciding factor in choosing the city as the next base for its operations. To date, Envizion Philippines has employed over 60 Center-Based Tutors and is aiming to fill in the 250-seater CDO site within the year located at the 8th Floor of the One Providence Building in Lifestyle District. Applicants can send in their resume to or call 0917 628 9717.



  • Administrative Staff
  • Receptionist
  • Finance Staff
  • 250 Office-based tutors
    • Job Description:
      • Conduct one-on-one video lessons with Japanese students
      • Provide feedback on student’s performance
    • Qualifications:
      • Graduate of any 4-year course/ vocational course or has at least 2 years worth of college units.
      • Has good communication skills
      • Willing to work on day shift, mid-shift or night shift (may have possible shifts on weekends and holidays).
      • Highly trainable
      • Teaching experience is a plus
      • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply



  • Send your resume to, or call 0917 628 9717 for inquires.
  • Walk-in applicants may visit Envizion Philippines, Inc. from located at the 8th Floor of the One Providence Bldg. in Lifestyle District, Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City from. (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM-6PM)


Is Working From Home For You?

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Is working from home for you? | lovettejam

Working from home — for many, it’s the ultimate dream job setting.  You can work right in the comfort of your own home.  You can travel anytime, anywhere without having to worry about missing work (and pay!). You can work on your own terms. Sounds wonderful, right?  But it is certainly isn’t all that fun.

Of course, like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of having a digital career


Advantages of Working From Home


A digital career offers flexibility in terms of work hours, break time, location and even work settings like temperature, lighting, music, etc.  You have control over the setting that makes you more productive. You can even do other things you enjoy while working — music trip, eat and chat with your friends, and even travel!

working from home

TIP:  Maximize your time to earn more money. Know when you are most productive. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Flexibility allows you to take in part-time jobs and side projects.



Working from home helps you save on many hidden costs associated with going to work. No more commuting, wardrobe, childcare expenses to think about.

working from home


Better work/life balance

Less stress from traffic jam during rush hours, unfriendly co-workers, a suboptimal work environment means better health for those who work from home. With the flexibility of the work environment, it is easier to adjust your work hours to accommodate work/life balance.

working from home | work life balance


Disadvantages of working from home

It is not all fun and freedom when you choose to have an online career. There are some disadvantages too.


Interruptions from children, work, neighbors, friends, and family may be very disruptive.  Special efforts must be made to make it known that you are actually working and unavailable for interruption within work hours.

working from home | distractions




Working from home also means you will have limited persons to talk to. And this could mean no help or support from IT personnel, for example, when your computer breaks down.

working online | no IT support


Job security

Most of the online jobs offer project-based only. This means that your contract ends as soon as the project is completed.  Sometimes, clients will end your contract immediately with some lame reasons.

Also, there are usually no employment benefits when you are working online. Rarely do companies offer health insurance and retirement benefits. Options for voluntary contributions to SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig are available though. 🙂



The internet can be a scary place. While there are tons of job opportunities, we can’t really eliminate the scammers. There have been countless stories that workers (including me!) didn’t receive the payment for completed projects. That was one lesson I learned the hard way.

work from home | scammed


Need for high self-discipline

It takes a lot of dedication, self-control, and discipline to motivate yourself to persevere in working at home alone over the long run without succumbing to the distractions and losing drive and momentum.

work from home | slack off


Before you quit your day job and jump into a digital career and work from home, weigh in the advantages and disadvantages. If you can figure out ways to work around the downsides, then working from home may be for you. If not, then maybe your personality is best suited to a traditional office work setup.


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Digital Media Career: 3 Reasons Why it is Awesome

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digital media career | lovettejam

A programmer from Cavite earned an average of P20,547 a day in 2013, an annual income of P7.5 million. A writer from Gingoog City earned P2.6 million that same year.


Online freelance jobs have exhibited growth in the Philippines, and it’s not concentrated in the country’s capital city. A TechInAsia article noted that in 2013, freelancers in Metro Manila earned US$29.9 million (1.3 billion Php) via the online freelancing platform, Elance-oDesk (now Upwork).  This was followed by Iligan-based freelancers earning US$7.8 million (342 million PhP), Bacolod at US$5 million (221 million PhP), and Davao at US$4 million (174 million PhP).

Awesome, right?

This article is old, but it shows that the online freelancing industry in the Philippines is aggressively growing.

If the prospective income is not enough for you to consider an online career, here are 3 other reasons why digital media is a practical career option.



Digital Marketing is a growing industry that will thrive during the lean times.

Even during a recession, businesses around the world will still continue to use digital media. This is because online marketing:

  • is typically less expensive than many other marketing tactics
  • doesn’t require much long-term commitment
  • provides an avenue for consumer engagement
  • allows business owners to target their marketing and advertising efforts
  • is measurable and trackable

digital media growthDigital Media is continuously growing and evolving, leading to a growing number of digital agencies, which leads to opening of multiple job avenues. The internet is a vast space. There are tons of opportunities out there, whether you intend to be a service provider working for a digital agency or as a freelancer working with multiple clients.



Digital media is an apt career option for the young and enthusiastic tech-savvy generation.

The kids of today practically grew up with technology. Even a 4-year-old knows how to operate an iPad. Hand them any gadget and they’ll quite easily figure out how to find and play games or watch videos or access the internet.

Millenials finds it easier to figure out technology. Information technology is now part of the formal education curriculum. The older millenials *ahem* may have had to sift through various resources online to learn certain skills, the information is already out there and easily accessible.

With the right skills and work ethics,  there is no doubt millenials can earn income online.



You can choose to work anywhere!

This is perhaps the best selling point of working online. Imagine ‘going to work’ without the stresses of traffic or having to wake up earlier for hair and makeup or leaving your children to the care of others. Imagine going on a vacation without missing work.  Imagine having the time

Yes, working from home isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for those who think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and for those who can work through all the disadvantages, working from home is pretty much a dream job.


Freelancing on the go: What to bring when working outside

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freelancing on the go | gadgets

One advantage of working from home is you get to work alone. This means you can focus on your tasks without distractions.

One disadvantage of working from home though is you work alone. When you get stressed, you are alone.

Yes, having a digital career is a two-edged sword. But the freedom that it offers allows for space to mix the routine up a bit. We can easily head out and take our work outside.

Our digital work means we’re freed from fixed routines of working in a cubicle with piles of papers. We’re also freed from fixed time schedule, i.e., 15-minute coffee breaks and 1-hour lunches. Plus the gadgets that we need to perform our tasks are now portable. These make working outside easier than ever.


Powering Up for the Outdoors

Of course, we need not drag our entire home office to the coffee shop or the nearest park! We just bring what we need.

So what to do we need to bring when we go outside to work?

freelancing on the go | working outside

For me, the list is short. I need a laptop/netbook, an earphone, my phone, a pocket WiFi, a notebook and pen, and a dream to travel the world.


I use a simple Samsung NP-NC110P. This is an oldie-but-definitely-a-goodie notebook.  I have had this for three years already. Yes, it’s old and I might need an upgrade soon, but it still does get the job done.

My work is mostly dependent on browser-based apps and a few software, so the Intel Atom N2800 / 1.86 GHz CPU and 2-GB RAM is pretty much all I need. Plus it’s portable with its 10.1″ size, and it’s red!

freelancing on the go | working outside | lovettejam


Earphone / Headset + Phone

I use it either to drown the music/noise in the coffee shop or pretend to be drowned in work.


Pocket WiFi

I like to bring my own Internet source and have a backup in case the internet goes wonky or if I work in a place with no WiFi.  While I sometimes use my phone as a hotspot, I find that a pocket WiFi dongle does a better job.

P.S. The Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi can be purchased at only Php 888 until June 30, 2016.


Notebook and Pen

While I have a digital work, and mainly everything I need is online, I still believe in the power of good ol’ notebook and pen. I write quick notes, to-do lists, and random doodles in my notebook.

freelancing on the go | working outside


A Dream to Travel World

No, I don’t carry the mini globe around and randomly set the cafe’s table for an ‘instagrammable’ photo! :p

But I always carry with me the motivation to keep going. I remind myself why I do what I do, despite the stresses and challenges.

To all digital freelancers out there, how do you relieve your stress, deepen your thinking, and do better work?

Me, I take my work outside.


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Smart Bro kicks of nationwide tour with best deal ever P888 Pocket WiFi in CDO

, ,

Summer is about to get hotter as Smart brings their Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi nationwide with their celebrity beauty queen “BRO-kadas” MJ Lastimosa and Bea Rose Santiago in Cagayan de Oro this weekend (May 13-15).

Watch out as they make their way to Barangay Camanmanan, Macasandig, Nazareth, Divisoria, Agora, Lapasan, Gusa, Kauswagan, Bayabas, NHA, Bulua and Carmen, where Smart subscribers are experiencing faster and reliable data connections from the country’s leader in mobile because of recent connectivity enhancements.

Other legs of the tour will happen in Pampanga (May 20-22), Davao (May 20-22), and Makati (May 27-29), where you can avail of Smart Bro’s best Pocket WiFi offer at only P888 and get a chance to bag awesome surprises and prizes for you and the whole BRO-kada, including Michael Pangilinan, Michelle and Marco Gumabao, and Gretchen Ho, among others!

“This tour is geared to empower our subscribers nationwide to enjoy their summer and share their fast and reliable internet with friends through the Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi at only P888,” Oscar A. Reyes, First Vice President and Wireless Consumer Broadband at Smart. “With awesome prizes for our subscribers and celebrities joining the fun, this is definitely going to be a summer to remember.”

Inspired by millennials’ growing passion for better connectivity experience, Smart recently focused on network improvements in CDO to provide faster and better signal covering the entire city.

“We love the energy of this City and the fact that recent connectivity developments have been done in the entire CDO so everyone can experience better data service mean more reasons for us to celebrate with our BRO-kadas here. With network improvements and better signal, it’s the perfect time for Smart Bro to bring its 888 4G pocket WiFi devices to the beautiful people of CDO,” added Reyes.

Aside from this exciting broadband offer, you can get a chance to meet celebrities that will make your summer sizzle even more. You can also win premium items from Smart and adventure vouchers worth P10,000 for a BRO-kada Trip by simply purchasing Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi. These adventure vouchers are for top summer getaway destinations like Sandbox Adventure Park, Enchanted Kingdom, a White Water Rafting adventure, and a resort stay in Samal Island.