A Story of a Dreamer

December 2, 2010
“What are your dreams?”
Being asked this question at the start of our Financial Management class really caught me aback. On my way to class, I was bracing myself for a “madugong labanan ng mga numero.”  I even ran (i.e., crammed) through whatever I have learned in Managerial Accounting from the previous semester. Yes, the question was rather unexpected, but then it was not exactly rocket science. Anybody in their mid-20s had probably had their lives somehow planned out.
For starters, I have enrolled in the MBM program in June of 2009. Thus, it’s a given that I intend to graduate in a span of about three years. The real goal here though is not just to graduate. It’s to graduate with flying colors. To be more specific, that would be no grade below 1.75 and at least two 1.0’s. Haha! I guess I really am a big dreamer, ain’t I? And that’s only half of the short-term goal.
The second part is the bridge that gets me to the long-term goal. Within the next few years (starting now, actually), I need to have a stable income from a job I love that it wouldn’t even feel like a “job.” It’s just like being paid for having fun. Exciting, challenging, and rewarding – that would have to be the ideal job for me, and it will have to keep me going until I reach the long-term goal, which is to have a steady flow of passive income. As Robert Kiyosaki puts it, in the very near future, I will let money work for me rather than me working for money. This is an essential point in the general blueprint of my life because although money is not particularly the ultimate goal, I would need a considerable amount of it to have a comfortable life and do what I love to do for the rest of my wonderful and blessed life.
Money is undoubtedly important, but what matters much more than money is the relationship we have with our family and friends.  It’s more precious than anything else in the world. So when the time comes, I would be a hands-on mother to my kids and dedicated wife to my husband. We will have a happy life and enjoy God’s precious gifts and blessings. As much as I salute working moms, I would love to be always there for my family and friends, never too busy to miss a single important event in their lives.
Then, to keep me occupied when the kids start going to school and explore the world and practice independence, I would spend the time to help out some charitable institutions. I’d do some volunteer work from time to time and sponsor parties to less fortunate kids and perhaps medical missions to their families. Their smiling faces would be more than enough food for the soul, and I always look forward to opportunities to pay forward whatever blessings I receive.
The dreams I have written here are really vivid, right? But hey, someday, when I am where I am supposed to be, I’ll reread this write-up with a big smile on my face. Until then, let’s just enjoy the journey.
Cheers to happy life ahead! J

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