Social Media Marketing: A Talk at the First MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to share what little I know about social media marketing to the young entrepreneurs of Mindanao State University – Main Campus in Marawi City.  It was their first ever MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo.  

Young minds at the First MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo

The expo, revolving around the theme of “Creating Relevance Through Internet Marketing,” was an all-day event with talks on e-commerce (by Mr. Lemuel Velasco) and social media marketing. The students also showcased their e-commerce websites and video ads for the campus.  

It was great to see the output of these young, creative, talented students — from coming up with products to sell online, to building the e-commerce website, to marketing their sites. If only I had these lessons when I was in college! :p 

Anyways, I’m sharing with you all the PowerPoint presentation I used for the one-hour talk. You can see the references at the last 2 slides if you want to delve deeper into the subject. And I hope you pick up a thing or two you can apply to your own business. 😉


Social Media for Small Businesses from lovette jam

My sincerest gratitude to the students of Marketing 111 (Internet Marketing) and their instructor, Mr. Richard S. Celeste, for this opportunity. 🙂

Investments and the Internet

Recently, in our Financial Management class, we’ve been discussing about investments – how to invest, where to invest, and how to manage investments.  We also tackled about the importance of diversification of businesses, which is one great way of reducing the risk of losses. Diversification is simply investing in two or more industries which are negatively correlated1.  In simplest terms, it is putting your money in many baskets.
One of the investments that I’ve been eyeing for the longest time is real estate. I have dreamt of building an apartment building or perhaps buy a condo unit or a house as an investment. I’d have them rented out and then there’s a steady flow of income. I had this idea since 2 or 3 years ago while working in Cebu.  I have experienced how hard it was to look for a place to live in. Thank God for internet, house hunting is now a whole lot easier and faster. I stumbled upon AyosDito, which literally translates to “It’s okay here.”  True to its name, the site was really a-okay -– super easy to navigate. Just type in “apartment for rent” in the search box, choose the location and there you go! Ha, look at that!
 Then I figured, if and when I have enough funds to finally buy a pad, a house or an apartment, I’d just post it in Nice noh? Ayos nga Dito sa! :DIn
1Note:  For diversification to effectively reduce risk of losses, the businesses you put your money in should be negatively correlated, i.e., if one industry does well with a boost in economy, the other business should do well during a recession. To illustrate, investment in both the automotive industry and debt collection business is said to be a diversified business portfolio.

Integrated Marketing Communications


Managing and coordinating the entire communications process calls for integrated marketing communications (IMC). By definition, IMC is a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan. Such plan evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum impact through the seamless integration of discrete messages. Considering that the mass market can be fragmented into a multitude of minimarkets, each requiring its own approach; there is a continuous proliferation of new types of media; and there is growing sophistication of consumers, there is clearly a need for marketers to utilize a wide range of communication tools to efficiently deliver messages to specific audiences. Marketers should combine personal and nonpersonal communication channels to achieve maximum impact (multiple-vehicle, multiple-stage campaigns). Therefore, it is clearly imperative for companies to move toward IMC, the absence of which results in uncoordinated communications and image diffusion. A comprehensive integrated marketing communications plan can produce stronger message consistency and help to build brand equity and create greater sales impact. It can also unify the company’s brand images and messages as they come through multiple company activities. It therefore improves the company’s ability to reach the right customers with the right messages at the right time in the right place.