Influencer Marketing for Hotel and Restaurant Businesses

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We were recently invited to speak before some members of the local business group of entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, IHARRA (Iligan Hotel and Restaurants and Resorts Association). After their general assembly, three members of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. had a short presentation on different social media topics.

I wanted to discuss about influencer marketing, a term that has been wiggling its way through the interwebs in recent years.

Here’s a copy of the presentation:

The presentation above is focused on the what, why, and how of influencer marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand and adapt to the way potential customers now research and become aware of hotels and restaurants.
  2. Pick the right influencers.
    • Engagement
    • High-quality relevant content
    • Presence on the right social networks
    • The right location (especially important for restaurants)
  3. Work with relevant, previously vetted influencers who will promote your venue in an authentic manner.
  4. Get them involved with a project or campaign.
  5. Actively target new markets, using influencers from those regions, with emotive content to win the hearts of consumers before they even plan to make a trip.
  6. Start yesterday.

Social Media Marketing: A Talk at the First MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to share what little I know about social media marketing to the young entrepreneurs of Mindanao State University – Main Campus in Marawi City.  It was their first ever MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo.  

Young minds at the First MSU-Main E-Commerce Expo

The expo, revolving around the theme of “Creating Relevance Through Internet Marketing,” was an all-day event with talks on e-commerce (by Mr. Lemuel Velasco) and social media marketing. The students also showcased their e-commerce websites and video ads for the campus.  

It was great to see the output of these young, creative, talented students — from coming up with products to sell online, to building the e-commerce website, to marketing their sites. If only I had these lessons when I was in college! :p 

Anyways, I’m sharing with you all the PowerPoint presentation I used for the one-hour talk. You can see the references at the last 2 slides if you want to delve deeper into the subject. And I hope you pick up a thing or two you can apply to your own business. 😉


Social Media for Small Businesses from lovette jam

My sincerest gratitude to the students of Marketing 111 (Internet Marketing) and their instructor, Mr. Richard S. Celeste, for this opportunity. 🙂