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January 27, 2011
Recently, in our Financial Management class, we’ve been discussing about investments – how to invest, where to invest, and how to manage investments.  We also tackled about the importance of diversification of businesses, which is one great way of reducing the risk of losses. Diversification is simply investing in two or more industries which are negatively correlated1.  In simplest terms, it is putting your money in many baskets.
One of the investments that I’ve been eyeing for the longest time is real estate. I have dreamt of building an apartment building or perhaps buy a condo unit or a house as an investment. I’d have them rented out and then there’s a steady flow of income. I had this idea since 2 or 3 years ago while working in Cebu.  I have experienced how hard it was to look for a place to live in. Thank God for internet, house hunting is now a whole lot easier and faster. I stumbled upon AyosDito, which literally translates to “It’s okay here.”  True to its name, the site was really a-okay -– super easy to navigate. Just type in “apartment for rent” in the search box, choose the location and there you go! Ha, look at that!
 Then I figured, if and when I have enough funds to finally buy a pad, a house or an apartment, I’d just post it in Nice noh? Ayos nga Dito sa! :DIn
1Note:  For diversification to effectively reduce risk of losses, the businesses you put your money in should be negatively correlated, i.e., if one industry does well with a boost in economy, the other business should do well during a recession. To illustrate, investment in both the automotive industry and debt collection business is said to be a diversified business portfolio.

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  • Every time I so wanted to move-out, I always hunt for Online real estate sites. Now I know also caters real estate posts, I'll surely hunt for a house and an investment here. Thanks for sharing!

  • @xy-za: yep! much better than scouring through the classified ads from newspapers or searching by foot.

  • by foot??? waaahhh done that before in Cebu. wew

  • Richard

    Wew!!! This is great!!! It would be easier for me then to look for a new abode… I'll just have to visit for more information so I can be guided… Thanks…

  • @xy-za: tried that myself too. it was worse than sinulog. whew!

    @richard: thanks for dropping by. glad to be of help. 🙂

  • shy

    Well, see the use of internet in our lives.
    This would help much for me since I am looking for an apartment or pad. Internet and Ayos dito would help a lot since I don't have much time to walk in the street and look for an apartment for rent. As easy as searching in the internet and I could find the one im looking for without any hassle.

    Let me try this one 🙂

  • lovettejam

    @shy: internet really has made things easier for us. information is made available within seconds. whether you're looking for something for personal use or for investment purposes, the internet is always a good place to start. just be extra careful with the people you deal with online. 🙂